07 Oct 2014

Reading 10/7/14

  • Scheduled Tasks: 0x80090016: Keyset does not exist. - One of my 2003 servers decided to go stupid on my scheduled tasks...yes I know I said 2003.  Easy fix - just watch that you reset the task's user account info.
  • SANS ISC StormCast generated a couple articles I wanted to review closer look
  • Test-Driving a $35 Firefox OS Smartphone - sounds worse than something from 2001
  • QuickMon looks like an interesting little tool.  How often would you start a command prompt to ping something, or want to monitor something without having it in the 'official' system.
  • This Slashdot post discusses a couple different investigations into the new iOS and Android encryption.  It sounds like the government really can't get into your devices easily, and it would be very hard to brute-force them.  Who wants to wager that someone will eventually find a backdoor into these devices very soon?
  • "Meditation Isn't Clearing the Mind; It’s Focusing on One Thing." covers a snippet about how to easily meditate.  I'm not a very zen person, however I think everyone needs a little bit of 'meditation' and 'relaxation' every day.  Life is crazy enough - just take a few minutes for yourself.  It's not selfish.
  • Meet the USB Armory computer on a chip making a Raspberry PI look ginormous.  One of the maker's recommended applications is a portable pen testing computer.  Think about all the scary things you can hide in a full computer that fits inside a small flash drive's case.  And you thought you could be pwned before!