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  • Episode #474: Jeffrey Pfeffer - How To Gain Power, Break The Rules, & Advance Your Career - The Learning Leader Show - Advice that runs contradictory to common leadership advice. I’ll be getting the 7 Rules Of Power (not to be confused with the 7 Laws of Power).
  • Episode #475: Chandler Bolt - The Life Changing Process Of Writing A Book… (How You Can Do It Right Now) - The Learning Leader Show -
    • Writing is crystallization of thought. Writing can build your career - you become an authority by becoming and author.
    • Chandler’s process for writing: mind map -> outline -> rough draft.
    • How does Chandler write books and remain a busy exec? He blocks out intense time, then relies on his team to handle things for him during these blocks. Block out time and be intense about it while you’re in that time. Have a solid team to support you during your windows, trust them to get things done.
    • How do you find the time? Figure out what your time is worth: Divide your salary by 2800 to determine how much an hour is worth. Hire/Delegate everything not core that less that that hourly cost.
    • Person brand fastest to 6 figures.
    • Invest in things that build a defense moat around what you value (lifestyle, family, etc.). Turn this into a system so you can keep building them.
    • Plan your things before your business’s things - vacation, thinking, etc. Business will fill in the whitespace.
    • Writing topics: Broken record conversations - this things people keep asking you.