• Aug 20, 2019

    Why you shouldn't self-host

    I pulled the plug on my email server this morning…and I should have done it months ago. I decided to abandon my self-hosting plans after just under a year. Why? As I mentioned in my original post, hosting web and email servers can be an exercise in masochism. It is also not an endeavor for those with a lack of spare time. A great deal has changed in my personal and professional life over the last year, and dealing with all of the extra technical work did not appeal to me.

  • Mar 27, 2019

    Grey Hat Hacking: The Ethical Hacker's Handbook (Fifth Edition)

    This edition of “Grey Hat Hacking” builds upon the previous four editions by providing updated and expanded information on several key aspects of ethical hacking.

  • Mar 21, 2019

    Disabling Symantec AV for pentesting

    Endpoint security tools can be a real pain when trying to get accurate vulnerability scans. Some tools go so far as to kill off a generic Nessus scan. Each has it’s own bypass mechanism.