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25 Aug 2020

Cleaning house

I've spent the last few months coming to terms with the fact I have anxiety. My wife had brought it up a few times, but things really came to a head as the pandemic pandemonium hit the Upstate.

13 May 2020

How time flies!

The last year has seen a lot of changes both personally and professionally. Finally I have gotten to a point where my routine allows me to focus on more than just completing the next task.

20 Aug 2019

Why you shouldn't self-host

I pulled the plug on my email server this morning…and I should have done it months ago. I decided to abandon my self-hosting plans after just under a year. Why? As I mentioned in my original post, hosting web and email servers can be an exercise in masochism. It is also not an endeavor for those with a lack of spare time. A great deal has changed in my personal and professional life over the last year, and dealing with all of the extra technical work did not appeal to me.