Unstable Path

Always take the road less traveled.


Meross Smart Wi-fi Garage Door Opener

I’ve been having trouble controlling my garage door using the MyQ integration in Homebridge. The MyQ plugin would randomly stop working until I restarted the Homebridge server. Then it stopped working after the most recent plugin update. I tried several…

The rest of August

I’ve been busy during work hours and relaxing off-hours, meaning this post covers three weeks instead of the 1 week that I intended. Home Automation: Simple steps to offload some maintenance work this week. I am setting up unattended-upgrades to…

First weeks of August

I feel really positive about how I’ve ended the last couple of weeks post-vacation. I’ve gotten to enjoy late Upstate summers spending loads of time in our backyard outdoor oasis with my wife watching the fur-kids play.  I’m finishing this…

July Notables

I’ve taken my sweet time on this one. Multiple work projects, holidays, and a vacation. The Final Frontier Asteroid mining startup AstroForge will test its metal refinery tech in space this year – Finally, we are looking at the resources…

Microsoft Sharepoint outage caused by use of wrong TLS certificate

Microsoft Sharepoint and OneDrive for Business were briefly interrupted today after a German TLS certificate was mistakenly added to the main .com domains for the Microsoft 365 services. — Read on www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/microsoft-sharepoint-outage-caused-by-use-of-wrong-tls-certificate/

On Sleep

Many of us face some level an anxiety over our sleep, or perceived lack of it. I’ve recently gone down a rabbit hole of sleep-related podcasts and articles. I thought I would share some of what I learned here on…

Mac HotKeys

General⌘ ~ cycles through windows of the same app⌘ + Shift + [ or ] will scroll through your tabs in most apps Finder⌘-T – New Tab⌘-K – Connect To Server Symbols