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Condoleezza Rice joins Broncos’ new ownership group: Former Secretary of State ‘will be a great benefit’ – CBSSports.com – So how does a former public servant have so much free capital?
Microsoft Windows Autopatch is Now Generally Available for Enterprise Systems – Too bad it requires a Microsoft E3 or E5 subscription. This should be a basic offering for any enterprise.
The Daily Swig – Cybersecurity news and views – Adding this to my RSS feeds.
How to be a Great Technical Interviewer – yield code(); – Interesting. This is a skill I need to build.
My Ultimate Zsh and Vim Config [ July 2022 Version ] – Daniel Miessler – I’m getting shell FOMO.
Fewer in U.S. Now See Bible as Literal Word of God – This makes a lot of sense considering the state of the US.
Governor Gavin Newsom announces California will make its own insulin – KION546 – How is this not happening at the federal level? More ammo to start replacing the old guard in DC.
Microsoft Warns of Large-Scale AiTM Phishing Attacks Against Over 10,000 Organizations
Alleged Hunter Biden Leak Shows iCloud Can Be iPhone Security’s Weak Link – Just enable MFA. Seriously…just do it.
Thread by @RyanHawk12 on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App – Great advice from @ryanhawk
Top 50 PowerShell Scripts for Microsoft 365 Admins  – Office 365 Reports – This should be useful for someone.
Why Aspiring Influencers Should Build Their Brands on Their Own Domains – Daniel Miessler
So You Want to Start a Blog… – Daniel Miessler – More ammo for me to move off Jekyll and manually tweaking every little thing.
Risky Biz Soap Box: Running a global vulnerability management program – Risky Business – One vulnerablity system to rule them all.
Peter Santenello – Inspecting Perspectives the Media Neglects – Jordan Harbinger
Risky Business #671 – The case for an American-owned NSO Group – Risky Business
The Greatest Gap In Life – John Maxwell Leadership Podcast

Prioritizing the most important thing is the most important thing, not getting more time in your day.
Prioritize action.
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