Unstable Path

Always take the road less traveled.


This is a few weeks of notes as my life has been hectic recently. Away trip for leadership training, operational issues at work, family traveling at home so I’m Pappa Dog this week. Boredom has not been an issue yet!


I seem to spend more time on ‘my’ reading and podcast list than I have been creating actual content. It feels redundant. All of this content is available directly from the original creator if you follow the Now page. If you find value in their content, then please support them directly. I am focusing more on my personal direction and content.

“Hell Yes, or No” vs. “Soft Yes, and Fast Quit” – Phil Venables

“Bottom line: You just never know what hidden gems exist even in some of the opportunities that are perceived to be less inspiring until you take a short peek. When you’ve taken that you’ll quickly and intuitively know whether to fully commit without having expended much effort, and then, there is still plenty of room for when more obvious Hell Yes opportunities do come along.”

“Backup” plan

I’ve been going thru my digital life and trying to ensure I have a backup of everything important to me and my family. Not only a backup, but a good way to restore those files in the event they are lost. I have OneDrive covered using my Synology NAS and the Cloud Sync plugin. Unfortunately, they don’t have a great option for iCloud. I did find a couple idea in these posts:

But nothing seems truly native, set and forget. So I just enabled photo backup on my personal OneDrive account. It’s not as fast as true iCloud integration would be, but it does work just fine for my needs. The only downside is the volume of work photos that will need to be deleted in two places: whiteboard pics, etc.

The rest of it


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