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Help Fight for The Future defend the Internet!

FFTF’s Net neutrality campaign against big media appears to be paying off – according to them.  As a collective group, we “The Internet” have fought off corporate mongers before.  Can we do it again and permanently institute fair bandwidth allocation for all?  Can we prevent big media from buying their way into first place across the internet, forcing everyone else into the background?<div>

Join me in the effort – go to and use FFTF’s tool to make a free call to some random mid or senior manager at the FCC.  Give them your opinion about net neutrality, or the proposed ComCast merger!  
On that note – you can join me and millions of others who signed a letter to the FCC against the Comcast/Time Warner merger by going to and signing up.  It’s fast, free, and keeps you off the phone.
I’m currently a Time Warner customer, and the thought of being forcible switched to CrapCast makes me want to shut off my cable completely.  I can honestly say that if Comcast somehow gets the territory I live in, I will shut off my cable.  Time Warner may not be the best at customer service, but they shine like a diamond compared to Comcast.
Until then, I’ll keep polishing the rabbit ears.

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