Meross Smart Wi-fi Garage Door Opener

I’ve been having trouble controlling my garage door using the MyQ integration in Homebridge. The MyQ plugin would randomly stop working until I restarted the Homebridge server. Then it stopped working after the most recent plugin update. I tried several fixes from Reddit that didn’t work, so I gave up and started using the MyQ app again. The MyQ API calls used by these plugins are proprietary, and it looks like MyQ doesn’t want any 3rd parties utilizing it. So no more telling Siri to close my garage door until I fix it.

I stumbled across the Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener (MSG100HK) in one of those Reddit posts while trying to fix my old setup. I’ve been happy with the other Meross HomeKit devices I’ve purchased. Meross integrates nicely with Apple Home, and they have a good price point. This device is no different – it lists for a bit less than the MyQ devices do.

The Meross opener operates differently from the MyQ setup. Everything is wired to your door opener, so there are no batteries to replace. There is also no programming a new remote with your door opener, making almost any garage door opener compatible with Meross’ opener. Installation took about 30 minutes including taking down the MyQ. Adding to Apple Home took about 30 seconds and did not require the Meross app.

My experience with the Meross opener is better than MyQ. The opener responds nearly instantly to open/close commands. There is also no warning beep or flashing light when you trigger a door close. It works just like the button on your wall! I recommend the Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener (MSG100HK) over a MyQ device.

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