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Sunday’s Reading

BSidesSF on Twitter: “#BSidesSF Keynote: Building sustainable security programs 🧵 @astha_singhal on factors that contribute to the stress of being a security professional and changes security leaders can make to improve the sustainability of their programs and well being of their teams.” / Twitter – Good steps towards a great security program.
BSidesSF on Twitter: “Talk: Buying Security: A Client’s Guide By @ramimacisabird A comprehensive guide to buying and getting value from security services. * ~200 resources synthesized * ~100 security professionals surveyed A 🧵” / Twitter – How to shop for the right infosec assessment for you.
BSidesSF on Twitter: “Redefining Threat Modeling: Security team goes on vacation Threat modeling is a key part of security programs, but security can become a development bottleneck as your company grows. @askjeevansingh describes how to scale threat modeling by empowering developers 🧵 #bsidessf” / Twitter – How can I apply to my infrastructure team?
Everything and Anything You Need To Know About SOC 2 – High level description of a SOC 2 report and why you need one during vendor due diligence.
Career Advice and Professional Development – Showing up and working hard – the oft missed career advice.
The Law of Connection (Part 1) – John Maxwell Leadership Podcast
The Law of Connection (Part 2) – John Maxwell Leadership Podcast
What Is Task Batching? A Comprehensive Guide – I need to add task batching to my routine. I have a bad habit of doing low value work during high energy times. – I’ve been a fan of the second brain idea for a while, but I find it hard to keep tamed. I’m a toss up between gardener and librarian. I’ve settled on Bear after switching from Apple Notes to OneNote – but I still done really like any of them.
The 4 Notetaking Styles: How to Choose a Digital Notes App as Your Second Brain – Forte Labs

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