Unstable Path

Always take the road less traveled.


I’ve been busy during work hours and relaxing off-hours, meaning this post covers three weeks instead of the 1 week that I intended.

Home Automation: Simple steps to offload some maintenance work this week. I am setting up unattended-upgrades to automatically install most updates including restarting if needed. If all works as expected, I should be getting emails from the machines after they patch. I used this article from LinuxOpSys to set it up, but I also had to install the mailutils package to ensure I had the ability to send emails.


#328 – Health & Longevity – Making Sense with Sam Harris – Overcast – My key takeaway from this episode is the only proven weight reduction is caloric restriction. I find it curious that nobody home much nutrient density has fallen in our food.

Black Hat USA 2023 – Bitdefender macOS Threat Report Reveals Key Dangers for Mac Users – Looks like Trojans are the most likely threat to a Mac.

Stopping at 90% – Austin Z. Henley – Did you document your work? Did you share your work with your team? Can someone pick up where you left off? If not, you are not done.

Bill Gates-backed nuclear contender Terra Power aims to build dozens of UK reactors – CityAM – When will the US get behind these small modular reactors? These could be installed in/around existing substations, providing greater capacity and resilience for our grid.

Solar power generation averted Europe’s heat crisis – I want solar on my home even more now.

Run every day – Duarte O.Carmo – I appreciate the concept of taking back your time, especially to prioritize your health.

People are losing more money to scammers than ever before. Here’s how to keep yourself safe | AP News – Unfortunate but verifiable true stats. We see far too many folks succumbing to scams every day.

This Heat Is Shaking the Very Foundation of the Ocean Food Web | WIRED – More negative impacts from climate change.

Fitch downgrades U.S. after debt limit stalemate – POLITICO – Old news – still feels like a country-wide facepalm just happened.

PodcastOne: 875: Jonathan Kennedy | How Pathogens Have Shaped Our World – Wow

What I’m Doing and How It’s Going – A very powerful and informative post from Daniel Messler on what he’s doing now that he left corporate life. I personally think he’s got a somewhat negative view on what corporates are doing, but he’s s not far off the mark. It is time to go if a business can only motivate someone by having them in the office and under their thumb. There were plenty of jobs that never would have been WFH, and plenty of people who just are not cut out for it. But if you have got the right people in the right seats on the bus, then you’re probably fine.

Billion Dollar Heist: The simple typo that stopped the Bangladesh bank robbers from stealing $1 billion – Always proofread before hitting submit – even if you are a criminal. (Via Cyberwire)


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