Anonymous announces #OpRemember – Primary target Financal Sector

FYI – Anonymous announced #OpRemember, which appears to be in recon mode right now.  The financial sector, government, biotech (Monsanto), and what I assume are organizations responsible for putting Fluoride in water/products.

Here are some links:

Press Release:
Master Target List: – they claim to be partially complete with recon work.

Some other links in the PR should be put in your watchlists, as well as reviewing the target list to see if you are already on it. (10/6/14 5pm EST)

10/7/14 1:23pm EST – I haven’t seen anything more on this, nor any real media coverage on this.  My blog is hit #2 on Google for #OpRemember if that tells you anything.  No new tweets for that tag since yesterday.  I’ll just bid my time until we get some new information, and shore up the walls while I do.

10/8/14 11:17am EST – the paste was removed.  I’m not sure if this means threat averted or no body wants to play.

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