Reading for 10/6

SANS ISC StormCast – mention of two new NMAP diary entries which I want to look into more.
Cubicle Sins: 10 Coworkers Who Drive You Crazy – Not quite a LOL article, but we all know those people – I think they forgot the blogger. 😛
HP Plans Split Into 2 Separate Businesses – I think this is great for the enterprise line, which is likely where most of their profit is from.  I’m not sure how this will help their consumer line, which frankly I could care less about.  I’ve never been impressed with HP, and I kinda regret purchasing a couple of their laptops simply because of price.
AT&T Hit By Insider Breach – AT&T employee improperly accessed personal customer info such as socials, names, addresses, etc.  I expect if you are affected, you’ve already been informed via a letter.
Professor Kevin Fu Answers Your Questions About Medical Device Security – This was an excellent Q&A from an expert in the field.  Most of the issues here apply to the utility industry with one big exception – the vendors actually care about the issues.  
Readable Passphrase Generator – A nice looking plugin for KeyPass to generate a pass-phrase instead of simple passwords or random gibberish.  I haven’t tried this plugin, but I use a similar principle when coming up with passwords.
ConEmu – Windows console with tabs – I just downloaded this, and so far I really like it.  I constantly have multiple consoles open, sometimes running as other users.  ConEmu handles that very well so far.  I will put it through it’s paces.
Hackers using Shellshock to spread Kaiten Mac OS DDoS malware – If you haven’t patched your Mac, better do it now! 
SC’s article on cyber espionage insurance gives a pretty good summary of what this type of insurance is and why you might need it.
Project SHINE Reveals Magnitude of Internet-connected Critical Control Systems – No real surpise here other than the sheer magnitude of stupidity when it comes to connecting control systems and devices to the internet.  If I was a CIO and discovered my company had done this, someone would be fired.  Here’s a awesomely scare animation of the results:

Here’s an even scarier map – the NORSE Attack Map is a graphical representation of a small percentage of attacks processed by their IPS platform.  I don’t think a computer could keep up with a complete representation.

Shellshock-like Weakness May Affect Windows – looks like this has been possible for a long time, but I’m not sure how technically feasible it would be for a non-admin to exploit.  My question – how would one audit insecure use of environment variables? 

Details on how the “exploit” works and a 8 year old post on the same thing.

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