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As is the case lately, I’m far too busy to observe “f*** off Friday,” where I try to limit operational work and focus on learning something new.  Next week I hope to bring this back in play.  As usual, work got in the way and I couldn’t get my newsfeeds done until the end of the day.  Hope someone finds anything here useful. 

ISC Stormcast
MS14-030 Updated – At first I thought it was an out-of-band patch, but really they just updated the technote with the correct Windows 7 versions affected for the June 2014 patch.
Windows 10: 11 Big Changes – Yeah start menu.  Possibly Cortana integration.  OS-X style multi-screen swiping.  Modern Apps as Windows instead of annoyances.  New Snap modes to piss you off as you move things around.  The rest is marketing hype IMHO.
Pentagon creating 6,000-strong cyber force – Who needs a job?
Darwin’s Favorite APT Group – linked to this from another source.  Another APT group appearing to be run by the Chinese government.
Why is your Mac all for sudden using Bing as a search engine? – What I’m left wondering most about this article is why on earth would a fanboy install IE on their Mac? 🙂
Slashdot snippet on building a honeypot to observer ShellShock attacks – I’m personally thinking about setting up a honeypot to watch what people actually try to do, someday.
House Intel Chief Wants To Increase Cyber Attacks Against Russia – I don’t like this war-monger talk.  It’s going to be just like the cold war if this keeps up.  
Snoopwall’s Flashlight App Threat Assessment Report – To sum this up, uninstall your Android flashlight app or factory wipe your droid if it’s on this list.  Yet another example of why you need to pay attention to what permissions an application needs.  Why would a flashlight need to read your contacts, or access the internet?
Android browser flaw found to leak data – Looks like another vulnerability for older Android phones, similar to CVE-2014-6041 from last month.
Cyberinsurance Resurges In The Wake Of Mega-Breaches – Depending on your company’s exposure, this might not be a horrible idea.  It won’t cover all your losses, but Home Depot said outright the impact of their breach might be mitigated by their insurance.
How to Integrate Your Blogger Post With Facebook, Twitter, and SMS with Twitterfeed – Just looking for more ways to get this blog out there…even if it’s not worth reading yet. 🙂
USB has a huge security problem that could take years to fix – Someone has released the BadUSB source code.  I’ll sum this up by saying until security is built into the USB firmware, there isn’t a good way to protect against this.  We can’t turn off USB in all cases, as many of our mice/keyboards/camera/usb dongles require it.  I wonder if current USB security products would protect against this?
New Mac OS X Botnet Taps Reddit For Command and Control – Another Mac botnet, which appearantly lives on thousands of Macs already and reads its instructions from Reddit.  FanBotNet?
The LiveCD List – I didn’t realize there were so many LiveCD Linux Distros for such varied uses.  Looks like there could be some good security distros, and rescue CD’s.
CYBER THREAT INTELLIGENCE – The last in a TripWire Blog series in threat intelligence, which is worth the read if you are trying to get your bearings on what this all means.  I’ll give a shoutout to Critical Intelligence here – I recently attended their CounterIntel conference which gave me a deep dive into threat/cyber intel.  I WANT MOAR!  I’ll give them a proper shout-out here soon.
Unintentional ICS Cyber Incidents Have Had Significant Impacts on Nuclear Plants – Why Aren’t they Being Addressed? – Honestly I was tl;dr on most of this well written article, but the author’s point can be restated as “why shouldn’t unintentional threat incidents be addressed?”  All too often we don’t follow up on users who click a phishing link, when we really should be using that as a teaching moment.
MICROSOFT AND FS-ISAC ANNOUNCE COLLABORATION TO COMBAT CYBERCRIME – So why can’t their share with all the ISAC’s?  Especially one that I’m a member of! 🙂  If this gives the FS-ISAC firsthand insight on up-and-coming threats, then I’m all for it.  Frankly, all major vendors should be doing this in some fashion.
US top cop decries encryption, demands backdoors – I have to read the whole article now – the first paragraph basically states the Attorney General wants backdoors into all devices simply to protect against child porn.  Ok then – what’s the process/procedure that protects my freedoms?  On the other hand, we do need to weigh this against the massive threat of child exploitation and sexual abuse.  Is it worth it?
ownCloud & Elasticsearch Integration – I’m looking at Splunk for managing my work logfiles, however I’ve been very interested in ownCloud and ElasticSearch, especially the ELK stack which has been touted by many to be as good as the Splunk base product.  I’d like to investigate that more.
JPMorgan: Info on 76 Million Households Hit in Data Breach – As if you didn’t already know. 🙂


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