Reading for 10/2/14

The day started with today’s SANS ISC StormCast.

WSUS Reporting with Powershell & WSUS automatic E-mail reports HOWTO – I’m attempting to automate my daily processes, so getting an email from WSUS telling me who needs patches is great.  Now to find the time to set it up!

Back to my post yesterday to get the VMWare link, then to the latest bash related update.  Looks like a vast increase in the vSphere related products affected.

Are Docker Containers Essential To PaaS? – A quick scan of this got me wondering what Docker is…so I looked it up.  This sounds like a very cool and scalable way to build many apps, but I’m not an appdev.  Wonder if it would work to build a distributed IDS? 🙂

Elijah Wood’s New Movie Is a Prophetic Thriller About Celebrity Hacking – We talked about the creeper factor yesterday.  Well…Frodo helps kick this up a notch.  Looks like a ok movie.

Cyber Spy High: Meet the NSA’s Hacker Recruiter – Skimmed this…I wonder if all the Snowden leaks help or hurt recruitment.  I mean – how cool would it have been to help build some of the NSA tech.  That is…if you don’t think of the ethical ramifications.

Online Router Forensics Lab – This is freaken sweet.  A tool to tear apart a Cisco IOS device and learn all of it’s dirty secrets.  I will definitely be checking out the online lab, and possibly download the framework to give it a real spin.  Decided to pop the /dev/random blog into my feedly account and see what he turns out.

The Security Setup – Security researchers talking about their current hardware setups, and their dream setups.  Going back later for more, the maybe a new budget request. 🙂

Lantopolog – Checking out this switch mapper, hopefully it’s user friendly because it’s dirt cheap.

How to set up a silent install of QuickTime through a batch script – Take a wild guess why I read this.

That’s the majority of it today – I haven’t even started through feedly yet.

Update: How to build a $10 passive network tap – Needed this for my home Suricata setup I plan soon.  Just need to find a hub somewhere now.

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