Unstable Path

Always take the road less traveled.


I’ve been toying with getting this certificate for a while, but now I see this seems to be a golden ticket to get past the HR filters at larger companies. The cert demonstrates a broad knowledge of the overall security landscape and appears to be best suited to management types (queue pointy haired boss).

Working on my CISSP certification has been interesting. I have yet to purchase any books, but I have downloaded both iOS apps. I was quite amazed by how well I did in each domain test with no prep. Unfortunately my overall average is still about a 65 – not enough for me to pass with a comfortable margin.

My next step is to pick my way through the study guide app and Cybrary training class to see how far I can get without purchasing the book. I want to pass the test by end of year and get on with my other priorities. Wish me luck!


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