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Does Twitter really suck this bad?

Why does everyone in security keep saying they get all their news off Twitter?   Am I just old school for wanting my RSS feeds and podcasts?

My primary news source for almost everything is still my RSS feeds and Feedly. I scroll through at least once a day, read a few, toss the few TL;DRs over to Pocket and call it good. Then I listen to a bunch of awesome podcasts – specifically the SANS Internet Storm Center Daily and The CyberWire for my daily news. If I hear anything that I need to know further, I just click thru the show notes.

Social media just ends up running me off the rails. While I do find some useful info on Twitter, I try to stay off Facebook. Both just have far too much drama, whining, and fake-news reposts. Why waste my time. There are far more important things that I should be doing! One of them is trying to post something here at least weekly, hopefully daily.


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