Unstable Path

Always take the road less traveled.


Your Tim Hortons Coffee App Knew Where You Were at All Times – WIRED – I lost some respect for Timmy HoHos on this over-reach.
Windows Autopatch now available for public preview – Could Microsoft finally come up with some useful patch management? Will they build support for 3rd party apps?
Best Laptops Under $500
4 Quick Tips for Managing Email Overload on the Go – The New York Times – Nothing new here but good tips for making your mobile email app more efficient.
A Respected MIT Professor Said Your Success Will Be Determined by 3 Things. Here’s How to Get Better at Each of Them – Inc.com – Speak, write, have good ideas. This is worth the read.
Finland’s Green Party endorses nuclear power – Alliance for Science – The USA needs to place more focus on nuclear energy as well, including safer plant designs and micro-reactors.


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