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The de-googling continues

The great Google purge continues with two minor steps forward.

I’m transitioning my email completely over to my personal server. I’m pulling the Gmail account into my current mailbox using fetchmail, which simply scrapes the contents of one mailbox to another.

There is no real point in trying to monetize this blog with Google, and will be pulling the Analytics and AdSense scripts completely from the site. I am replacing the site analytics with GoAccess to generate stats directly from my logs. My ‘visitors’ stats nearly doubled just by switching analytics methods to something script blockers cannot interfere with.

My one regret when setting all of this up is that I didn’t start with a setup that I could easily resell services from. I could offer email services fairly easily right now, but the web hosting would require a more involved setup. This could be a future project – maybe setup ISPConfig in the future with my tweaks. I’ve also had trouble trying to setup shared IMAP mailboxes and folders. This is likely a direct result of my database-dependent setup.

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