Tuesday’s Reading

Episode #474: Jeffrey Pfeffer – How To Gain Power, Break The Rules, & Advance Your Career – The Learning Leader Show – Advice that runs contradictory to common leadership advice. I’ll be getting the 7 Rules Of Power (not to be confused with the 7 Laws of Power).
Episode #475: Chandler Bolt – The Life Changing Process Of Writing A Book… (How You Can Do It Right Now) – The Learning Leader Show

Writing is crystallization of thought. Writing can build your career – you become an authority by becoming and author.
Chandler’s process for writing: mind map -> outline -> rough draft.
How does Chandler write books and remain a busy exec? He blocks out intense time, then relies on his team to handle things for him during these blocks. Block out time and be intense about it while you’re in that time. Have a solid team to support you during your windows, trust them to get things done.
How do you find the time? Figure out what your time is worth: Divide your salary by 2800 to determine how much an hour is worth. Hire/Delegate everything not core that less that that hourly cost.
Person brand fastest to 6 figures.
Invest in things that build a defense moat around what you value (lifestyle, family, etc.). Turn this into a system so you can keep building them.
Plan your things before your business’s things – vacation, thinking, etc. Business will fill in the whitespace.
Writing topics: Broken record conversations – this things people keep asking you.
5 takeaways from the RSA Conference – Cybersecurity Dive – Organizations get 24 hours — if they’re lucky.
Microsoft won’t say if it will patch critical Windows vulnerability under exploit – Ars Technica – 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️😭
The 10 Commandments of Excellence – Great advise!
Episode #476: Kat Cole – Pragmatic Optimism, Reflection Questions, Humble Confidence, Building Trust, & The Hot Shot Rule – Ton of great notes on this one!

Should I listen to Episode 78?
Lead by action: Bring the coffee/donuts/etc to demonstrate service oriented leadership, vulnerability.
Hold ppl account and set expectations
Ppl closest to the action know what to do long before the leader does
Conflict resolution – humble and service of the team, assuming positive intent first
Connectivity and proximity
Humility, curiosity, confidence builds teams / raise your hand, raise your voice
Excellence mindset/framework: Courage and confidence balanced with Humility and curiosity lead to sustained excellence

Courage is speaking up and saying the uncomfortable things
Confidence is the belief you belong there
Humility is the belief you can’t do it alone, others have value and matter
Curiosity is the wonder, the desire to inquire
Having command over these mindsets, modulate each as the situation requires

Perspective breeds confidence
Find your way to speak – your wedge

“I have a question.” instead of waiting for your space to speak
“I want to add to that.”
“I would be failing you if I didn’t bring up this point.”
Is there something going on?

Burnout – catch it before you start letting people down

Do not over-commit – learn how to gracefully say no
Cancel if you need to
No is a complete sentence
No by saying yes –
Be clear on your values and priorities
Check-in with those closest to you and who matter most, including yourself

What has been the best part of the last 30 days?
What has been the worst part of the last 30 days?
Tell me one thing that I can do differently to be a better partner/teammate?
What has worried you the most in the last 30 days?
What is one thing you are most proud of in the last 30 days
What have you been most grateful for?

You can’t think your way into making a dent
Ask, answer, act.
Hotshot rule

682: Hustle Culture – Deep Dive – Joy comes from the process/journey, not the destination.

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