Deploying Java in WSUS Package Publisher

After a few failed starts getting Java to update via WSUS Package Publisher, I’ve taken one more try.  Here are the steps I used to successfully deploy Java 6 update 115.  The process should work for any Java version.

Download the latest Java installer either from the public site, or from Oracle Metalink if you are using a non-public copy.
Run the installer, but do not start the installation.  Navigate to “%LOCALAPPDATA%LowSunJava” and copy the jre1.x.x_xxx folder to another location.
Repeat for the x64 installer if needed.
Edit the MSI to disable the auto-updater, reboot, etc. per

Make a note of the product code while you are editing the MSI, you will need it later on.
I set the updater off, ie/firefox plugins on, accept eula by setting EULA=0, rebootyesno to no

Log into your WSUS server and copy the files over to your distribution holding folder.
Deploy via WSUS using

Make sure you include the and any relevant MST’s otherwise the install might not work.

Approve and test the deployment.

This appears to be working for my test clients.

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