Unstable Path

Always take the road less traveled.


Out of the frying pan and into a better fire…

A great deal has changed in the last two months for the better.  My family has completed our move to the South Carolina and we are loving all of it.  There is still a good amount of adjustment to do, but we are getting by.  My only regret at this point is not being able to get my boat in the water just yet.

My career seems to be shaping up as well.  My plan from last year has mostly become reality after accepting my first ‘real’ management job as Director of Data Security at a local financial institution.  Currently a “department of one” as my boss likes to say, there will be plenty of potential to grow and develop.  My next goal is to get out there and meet some like-minded infosec people in the area, find some meet ups, and just get to know people.

The one outstanding task is finishing my GPEN certificate.  I have been unable to finish the course completely, but have started putting together my index.  I really want to finish the class and pass the cert, but other things have taken priority.  Let’s see if I can buckle down and get through this too.


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