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This weekend’s reading and thoughts

The Technium: 103 Bits of Advice I Wish I Had Known – Habits for life
The jobless Americans chasing the dream of ‘passive income’ – Not all that glitters is passive income gold. Most people successful in this arena are monetizing things they enjoy.
Cool Things People Do With Their Blogs – Great list of cool things you can do with your blog. I personally like the ‘now’ page and plan to craft one up myself.
Uses – Ru – Idea for a ‘uses’ page that I captured from the above list.
Watch Keeper of the Ashes: The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders Streaming Online – 📺 Hulu true crime docu-series on the still unsolved Girl Scout Murders.
The Most Useful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts to Know – Basic Mac keyboard shortcuts for boot, Finder, and global. I’ve been on a quest to compile a good list of my frequently used app shortcuts.
Joe Speiser ⚡️ on Twitter: “I’m 43. When I was young, I chased things that didn’t matter. You can learn from my mistakes. If you’re 20-something, read this:” / Twitter
Twitter thread on what not to focus on in your 20’s.
35 Impactful Questions Managers Should Ask Themselves Regularly – Great list of reflections for a leader to ponder on a routine basis.
Send meeting availability in Outlook mobile – Save time scheduling meetings – Share your availability in Outlook.
Jack Rhysider on Twitter: “If you’re in IT, I highly encourage you to write a blog. Here are 17 reasons why you should be blogging. 🧵👇” / Twitter – Reasons to blog of your in IT.
How to Ask for a Promotion – Great deep-dive by Jordan Harbinger on how to properly ask for a promotion at any level.
On rebooting: the unreasonable effectiveness of turning computers off and on again – Why “turn it off, then turn back on again” is usually the best solution to your problems. 🤷‍♂️
Are Your Passwords in the Green? – How long it takes to crack passwords based on length/complexity. Yet more ammunition to have long passphrases, stop expiration, and use MFA.
Toxic Superiority in IT: How it Hurts Us All – Good post about toxic attitudes common in IT vets, how they bring others down, and what you can do to help prevent it.
Sean Carroll’s Mindscape: Nick Lane on Powering Biology – Sean and Nick Lane explain Nick’s theories behind how life’s essential processes might be based in self occurring chemical reactions. These reaction are the basis for everything that follows from amino acids to RNA to fully functional DNA. What struck me with these theories is how yet another process in the universe favors life over chaos. If this is true, then God is really built into everything.
How To Say No – Email templates for how to say no to various things.
Biden leans toward $10,000 in student loan relief, advocates push back – Instead of forgiving just $10,000, why not leave the 0% interest in effect in perpetuity? This is the first time I’ve made real progress in my student loans since completing my masters degree.

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