Unstable Path

Always take the road less traveled.


Today was roadtrip day – so I got to catch up on a lot of podcasts.

What Leaders Need to Know Before Trying a 4-Day Work Week – 4-day work weeks don’t lead to less work, but can lead to less work/life balance. I tend to like my Fridays for catch-up and projects.
Resisting the Pressure to Overwork – Overwork is not required for success. Combat it with focusing on prioritizing, setting boundries, and reinforcing your values. Then work to be effective and efficient on goals focused on your high-level objectives.
Making Sense with Sam Harris: #282 — Do You Really Have a Self? – Self is the illusion. Flow states are evidence of this.
Money 2.0: The Rich and the Rest of Us – Hidden Brain – Differences between the wealthy and the rest of us, and how inequality effects or lives in many ways.
The Law of Connection (Part 1) – John Maxwell Leadership Podcast – Relationships are key to your success.
S4 E13. Broken News – Media Lab – Discussion about how our media has failed and how it could get better.
Unicode Locale Data Markup Language (LDML) Part 4: Dates – I used this to figure out the right date formats to use in my daily reading post shortcut…and to test it’s output. 😎
The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk: 473: Ed Mylett – Building Confidence, Asking The Right Questions, & Maxing Out Your Life (The Power Of One More) – Ryan always puts out a good podcast, and today was no exception. I’ll be getting Ed’s book(s)! Here’s the highlights I captured: Don’t tie your identity to what you do for work – tie it to who you are. Success is tied to self-confidence and humility. Be interested in people. Your inner circle is important – surround yourself with people who run at a higher level than you in the areas you need to grow. Link confidence to intention, not accomplishment. Leaders are always making people feel something, such as motivation. Success is knowing your strengths and using them to serve others – leaders find other’s strength and get them to believe in themselves while working towards the objectives. Be talent scout – help people believe in their greatness! Most people just want someone to love them and believe in them. The great successes operate out of visualization & imagination by seeing how the world can be and working toward that, while most everyone else is operating out history and memory. Pick your mission – what you do, what you stand for, and what you stand against – and be confident in it. Your standards are more important than goals: high performers have high standard and good habits, allowing them to bring it even on their off days.
Nick Lane on Powering Biology – Sean Carroll – I had to listen to this one over again. I feel even stronger this reinforces my beliefs that God and science are mutual, not mutually exclusive. But this requires you to assume that the seven days it took God to create the earth are an analogy given to man so that he could understand it. His days were billions of years in a universe he created. His crafting of Adam and Eve took place over eons, starting from primordial chemical reaction and ending in life we know today. He created the atoms with a natural desire to react and form more complex chemicals. These chemicals then reacted with each other to form even more complex structures such as amino acids and peptides. These eventually formed into the machinery of RNA and created simple life. Simple life interacted and grew more complex until it eventually created DNA and mitochondria to support complex, specialized cellular structures needed for multi-cellular organisms. This would mean the universe is actually primed to create life, not chaos. How could the beauty of that not be His grand design?


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