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Using Shortcuts to build my daily reading posts

I am working to be better at sharing information I find useful. Sharing on social media is great, but that takes away from easy posts for my blog. But how can I do this without spending wasted time doing the copy-paste shuffle?

The answer was rather simple: I created a shortcut which appends an entry to temp post in Markdown format, including a small blurb about the post. I can grab the contents on the temp post from my iCloud Drive and paste it directly into my blog. This beauty of this approach is the shortcut runs on my phone, tablet, and laptop all thru Safari’s share sheet which is basically the same process I follow for saving things to my reading list.

There is still room to improve this. I could automatically create a new day’s post and populate the front matter. I could look at automatically publishing this somehow, or at least script the process. But this is a great time-saving start.

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