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Wednesday’s Reading

Light day today due to training.

Dow drops 200 points, finishes month little changed in turbulent May – Looks like the market did ok overall this month. Good news for our 401k’s.
Supreme Court blocks Texas social media moderation ban – The Verge – Not sure how I feel about this one just yet. Shouldn’t there be some middle ground between First Amendment protections and stopping hate, racism, misinformation, and other lies? Maybe we just shut off social media?
Canada proposes law to ‘freeze’ handgun sales, buy back assault-style weapons – The Washington Post – This should go over like the proverbial fart in church. I’m surprised Trudeau would try this after ending the trucker’s strike. And what about getting to the root of the problem?
Shanghai moves toward ending 2-month COVID-19 lockdown – Communist lockdown of Shanghai is starting to be lifted as COVID cases drop. My question is was it worth it?
Risky Biz News: Russia orders Google to remove Tor Browser from Russian Play Store – 📬 Catalin Cimpanu does an excellent job providing quick but deep dives into the relevant security news. I can’t always read the entire newsletter, but I always skim it.
Elon Musk asks all Tesla employees to come back to the office or quit – I was a bit surprised when Elon made his royal proclaimation, but he does have some legit point. But is 40 hours in the office truely effective for all positions? Even as a leader, I can be much more effective in certain deep work if I’m not in the office. It all comes down to your dedication and work habits.

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